Hello, and thank you for checking out the Brutally Honest Mom! I started this blog while still working on my dissertation for my PhD in literature, in the hopes that it would provide me with an outlet for my creative writing, and give me a place to talk about the unexpected awesomeness of my life as a stay-at-home mother and wife. What this blog has done for me, in fact, is connect me to an entire community of individuals who are going through many of the same struggles, concerns, outrages, and hilarities that I am. My blog, though it was started for narcissistic reasons, has actually become the single best way for me to learn more about the other people in my life. Their responses, comments, emails, all remind me that, regardless of geographic distance, our cosmic Venn diagrams overlap in some pretty significant, special ways.

My name is Rachel. I’m a PhD candidate in Literature at Ball State University, currently living in Bloomington, Indiana. I have two children–Honest Girl (born February 28, 2012), and Honest Baby (born August 31, 2013)–and a wonderful husband, Honest Husband/Dad.